Arena Mina

On Friday, June 19 at 10 a.m. the Point Arena Light Station opened its gates once again for guests to enjoy shopping, lodging and indoor and outdoor museums! With the revision to the Mendocino County Health Department’s (MCHD) Shelter in Place (SIP) order  the Light Station is able to resume operations as long as it adheres to the reopening guidelines. The Light Station will initially be open from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday and admission to the outdoor and indoor museums will be $5 for everyone over 12 years old or $25 per vehicle carrying up to eight people. Children under 12 are free, as are all Lighthouse members.

Please come out and support the Light Station in its 150th Anniversary year.  Our Gift Store has 150th Anniversary pins and patches and a great variety of Lighthouse outerwear, jewelry, home décor, toys, books, artwork and more. Having drastically reduced income for the last 3 months has left the non-profit Light Station is severe financial straits, and your Museum visits and Gift Store purchases will help us recover. We will be following the Cal/OSHA guidance for the reopening of all our facilities and will also adhere to the additional requirements in the MCHD SIP Order

The iconic 115’ tall Lighthouse Tower – tallest on the Pacific coast – will sadly have to remain closed initially, as its tight dimensions in the Watch Room and Lantern Room and confined spiral staircase make it difficult to enforce social distancing and disinfection/sanitizing for each tour. As a team we all agreed that it is in the best interests of our staff and guests to not allow tours in the Tower. We will revisit this as the State and County SIP Orders continue to be revised, but the health and safety of our guests and staff will always take precedence.

Jessica Grossarth, first visitor on June 19

We are deeply grateful for the many generous donations we received since the closure and the people that became Lifetime Members to help support us.  We also appreciate Jessica Grossarth of Placerville for being our first visitor when we opened the gates on Friday, June 19. Please come visit us SOON, Arena Mina and Tasi can’t WAIT to see you!  

Please cooperate with all County, State and Federal orders during this unprecedented crisis, be safe, use common sense, don’t hoard food and toilet paper, keep the 6′ social distance and be good to each other. Most of all, bring that positive coastal attitude and sense of humor to bear as much as you can!

Mark D. Hancock
Executive Director

Lighthouse Tower Virtual Tour

Since people can’t visit the Lighthouse during the COVID-19 SIP period our Tour Guide Mike Chandler created an amazing 3-D tour of the Tower from the ground floor to the Lantern Room at the top.  Click on the Tower image to the left to go to the Lighthouse Tour page and view this amazing video creation.  Our thanks to Mike for creating this unique way for you to virtually explore the Lighthouse!