Effective 10 a.m. Saturday, December 26 the Point Arena Light Station sadly closed its gates to the public.  The Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers, Inc. (PALKI) Board of Directors considered the current COVID-19 situation in the County, State and country and determined it was best for its employees and guests to close the Light Station Store and Outdoor Museum  until the COVID-19 threat has been significantly reduced. 

The Mendocino County Health Department’s (MCHD) Health Order  allows the Light Station to continue to offer transient lodging in the county, so our six vacation cottages are still available for rent at the present time. 

We are deeply grateful for the many generous donations we received during the first closure between March and June and the people that became Lifetime Members to help support us.  You can make donations to help the 150 year old Light Station weather this new closure and keep the light shining for another 150 years!

Please cooperate with all County, State and Federal orders during this unprecedented crisis, wear facial coverings, be safe, use common sense, don’t hoard food and toilet paper, keep the 6′ social distance and be good to each other. Most of all, bring that positive coastal attitude and sense of humor to bear as much as you can!

Mark D. Hancock
Executive Director

Lighthouse Tower Virtual Tour

Since people can’t climb the tallest Lighthouse on the Pacific coast during the COVID-19 shutdown our ace 360 degree photographer Mike Chandler created an amazing 360 degree tour of the Tower from the ground floor to the Lantern Room at the top.  Click on the Tower image to the left to go to the Lighthouse Tour page and view this amazing video creation.  Our thanks to Mike for creating this unique way for you to virtually explore the Lighthouse!

Smoky Skies from the Lighthouse Tower Lantern Room 

Our creative 360 degree photographer Mike Chandler has also created a panoramic view of the eerie red/orange sky caused by smoke from the horrific California wildfires.  Our thanks to Mike for creating this way for you to see what the view would be like from the Tower !

View from the Point Arena Lighthouse 9/9/2020 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA