The Point Arena Lighthouse is closed to visitors  at least June 8 and to lodging guests until at least June 30, 2020 due to the COVID-19 Shelter in Place (SIP) order from Mendocino County, and out of concern for our staff and guests. We have also cancelled or postponed our upcoming Lecture SeriesNight Tour, Wind & Whale Celebration and 150th Anniversary Celebration & Tower Lighting events.  The Our Lighthouse exhibit honoring our 150th Anniversary at the Gualala Arts Center has also been cancelled.  Please honor this closure by not coming onto our gated grounds.  The adjacent Point Arena/Stornetta Unit of the California Coastal National Monument has also been closed by the Bureau of Land Management due to the COVID-19 SIP. 

The Lighthouse deeply appreciates its guests and members in these unprecedented times and we wish everyone safe travels, good health and hope for a quick end to the emergency.  As a non-profit completely funded by our Museum and Tower Tours, Gift Store sales, Lodging rentals, memberships and donations we are going to be severely affected by this closure.  Please consider becoming a Member if you are not already and/or make a donation to us to keep the light shining in our 150th year.  Finally, we are allowed to accept lodging reservations from essential workers, so please refer anyone that falls into that category to us.  If you are an essential service provider that needs to make a reservation please call 707-882-2809, ext. 1 or email  We have already have a PG&E line inspection crew staying in one of our houses for a week and that will help tremendously.

Please cooperate with all County, State and Federal orders during this unprecedented crisis, be safe, use common sense, don’t hoard food and toilet paper, keep the 6′ social distance and be good to each other. Most of all, bring that positive coastal attitude and sense of humor to bear as much as you can!

Mark D. Hancock
Executive Director

Lighthouse Tower Virtual Tour

Since people can’t visit the Lighthouse during the COVID-19 SIP period our Tour Guide Mike Chandler created an amazing 3-D tour of the Tower from the ground floor to the Lantern Room at the top.  Click on the Tower image to the left to go to the Lighthouse Tour page and view this amazing video creation.  Our thanks to Mike for creating this unique way for you to virtually explore the Lighthouse!