The Light Station Outdoor Museum is Open!

Come explore our 23 acre Outdoor Museum, featuring a host of unique, fascinating, inspirational and beautiful exhibits.  Our thanks to artist Bruce Jones for painting the Outdoor Museum map and to all the artists that have contributed to the exhibits. Click on the map below for a printable PDF of the Outdoor Museum map.

The Outdoor Museum encompasses the entire 23 acres of the Light Station grounds.  The newest feature is a unique new stone installation called “Shiprock,” designed by noted stone mason John Shaw-Rimmington and constructed by John and Mark Ricard.  This one of a kind piece of art is intended to represent a ship crashing against the shore.  It is located between the stone Labyrinth installed in 2020 and the Druids Circle/Stonehenge Homage installed in 2018.  This installation is intended to demonstrate what can happen when you DON’T have a Lighthouse!  The Light Station’s stone mentor and friend Peter Mullins donated the materials and funded the construction as his gift to the Lighthouse.  Peter is the guiding force behind the Mendocino Stone Zone, which the Lighthouse is proud to be a part of.  

The Shiprock installation consists of a coastline made of Mendo blue shale and the ship has a hull and gunwales made of mica schist.  An “ocean” of clocophane schist pebbles surrounds the ship and these will ultimately be permanently installed by Kevin Carman to mimic the waves pushing the ship onto the shore.  John and Mark are the Toronto based master stone masons that constructed the Light Station’s unique entry fence in 2018, and Carman added his trademark pebble waves against the base of the three Mendo blue shale boulders that define the Light Station’s entry gates. 

South of Shiprock is the Light Station Labyrinth, completed in 2020.  This stone labyrinth offers visitors a meditative and contemplative avenue to enjoy the Light Station grounds and views. Envisioned and funded by PALKI Board Vice President Laura Franklin, the labyrinth was installed by noted stone masons Julien Carmellino of France and Kevin Carman of Riverside, CA.  It is an unusual five circuit pattern designed by Marilyn Larson, a founding member of the Labyrinth Society and Educational Chair of its Board. It is also the westernmost installation in the “Art Line,” a series of walkable, interactive outdoor artworks across the heart of America along a 28 mile-wide band, centered on the 39th Latitude. The Labyrinth has some beautiful new features that were added in February 2022.  Julien Carmellino added new carvings to the entry pillars and the pillar in the center of the Labyrinth.  The Labyrinth was purposely oriented to face north from its entry to its center.  Julian carved “Alpha Ursae Minoris” – the North Star – on the entry pillar and engraved the center pillar with a bear with the Little Dipper carved inside its body.  A stone marker has also been installed at the entry on which will be carved the story of the Labyrinth at some point in the future.

The Outdoor Museum also introduces visitors to the Druid’s Circle/Stonehenge Homage made from 5 locally sourced Mendo blue shale pillars, the gazebo from the filmForever Youngwhich was left after the 1992 filming was completed, Native Plant Garden, Whale Trail interpretive panel, several historical plaques and markers around the property, the unique stone entry fence designed and installed by master stonemason John Shaw-Rimmington, various trails and memorial and view benches and more.

Gualala artist Bruce Jones created the original watercolor of the Light Station grounds Outdoor Museum for the map that is available to visitors. Our thanks to Bruce for his ongoing and creative support of the Light Station!

The Outdoor Museum is open daily 10 am to 3:30 pm. We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas days.  We ask for a site visit fee of $5 for guests 12 and over, which provides you access to the Outdoor Museum, the Light Station Store  and the Fog Signal Building Indoor Museum.  Children under 12 years are free. Admission is always free to Lighthouse members.

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