20150929_142742The iconic 115’ tall Lighthouse Tower – tallest on the Pacific coast* – will sadly have to remain closed along with the Light Station Store and Outdoor Museum  due to COVID-19 concerns. Our six vacation cottages are available to rent. 

Point Arena Lighthouse 1870

Pigeon Point Lighthouse and Carpenter Shop (present day)

* The Pigeon Point Lighthouse equals the height of the Point Arena Lighthouse, but is not open to the public for a “climb to the top.” The original Point Arena Lighthouse was the twin of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, but it was irreparably damaged in the 1906 earthquake and replaced by the current tower that was completed in 1908.

Lighthouse Tower Virtual Tour

To give you a taste of what it is like to climb the tallest Lighthouse on the Pacific coast our Tour Guide Mike Chandler created this amazing 3-D tour of the Tower from the ground floor to the Lantern Room at the top.  Click on the Play button to climb to the top of the Tower from the entry, or click on the Explore 3D Space icon to click into any spot in the Tower and be taken there instantly.  Mike is the owner of Third Eye Visuals, a photography and video company that utilizes cutting edge photography techniques and technology to capture and display the any event or location in this most unique way.  Our thanks to Mike for creating this unique way for you to virtually explore the Lighthouse!