The Light Station Store is Open as of Friday, April 2, 2021!

The Point Arena Light Station Store is not your typical tourist attraction collection of merchandise. This beautifully decorated store, housed in the historic 1896 Fog Signal Building along with the Indoor Museum, surrounds the wide variety of merchandise with displays of the history, technology and lore of the Light Station with the original 1st Order Fresnel lens from the current Tower as the centerpiece of the store.  You will find an impressive collection of high quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, pullovers, jackets and outerwear as you would expect, but the store will also delight you with its jewelry, books, postcards, decorative housewares, children’s items, clocks and wall art, posters, glassware and more. Lovingly arranged, decorated and stocked by Merita Whatley for 12 years the store is now managed by a talented and creative Light Station Store team of Kadence Beattie, Amelia Ronne, Rebecca Stanley and Buyer Ann Birdsell.  Please come visit the Light Station Store as part of your trip to the Light Station!