Whale Watch Room Gallery Exhibit - Angelina Wilson

Whale Watch Room Gallery Exhibit - Angelina Wilson


Local artist Angelina Wilson will display her “Vintage Women” artwork as the Whale Watch Room Gallery Exhibit from November 1, 2023 through January 29, 2024. This exhibit will feature both realism and cartoon style character paintings of women, and many will be Dia de los Muertos inspired art to surround the Community Altar and to complement the Moonlight Day of the Dead student art exhibit on display in the Lighthouse Tower.

Artist Biography & Inspiration

I am Angelina Wilson, I am eighteen and have recently graduated in June of 2023. I love painting cartoon style characters, as well as realism portraits. I got started in art when I could pick up a pencil – then switched to painting animals and landscape scenery. Thanks to my Aunt A I got to join Gualala Arts’ art programs and learned to do Chinese lettering and bind my own books, as well as joining in the “Art in the Schools” exhibits from second grade to my junior year.

I really got started with my cartoon style paintings about three years ago. The style of Japanese film and television animation really caught my eye and deeply inspired me, as well as western cartoons from aspiring creators and larger animation studios. I watched different shows, and seeing the vivid colors and the peculiar designs made me want to be a part of creating similar images. Portraits make me feel as though my art is more important than my previous style choices. As though my artwork is seen more than my previous interests.

My biggest influences include Ross Tran, Vincent van Gogh, Noah Verrier, Kiptoe, Partycoffin, Andrea Allen, and Baz Luhrmann. All have very different styles, but all are beautiful to me. My future goals are to stay in Gualala and continue my job in the local Thai Kitchen to learn as much as I can, as well as getting into every single gallery in Gualala, Point Arena and possibly The Sea Ranch too, if there is anywhere to show my art there. And finally, to work with local artists and learn from them and to also start joint projects.

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