Lighthouse Lecture Series - Scott & Tree Mercer

Lighthouse Lecture Series - Scott & Tree Mercer

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Scott & Tree Mercer present "The Value of Whales and the Threats Climate Change Poses to Their Survival."

Lighthouse Lecture Series Saturday, October 21 at 4 p.m.

Whales have always had a major influence on climate. They are closely connected to the removal and sequestration of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as well as the production of oxygen. We will explain and illustrate the vital role whales play in maintaining a healthy and stable marine ecosystem which in turn, is beneficial to all life on earth. We will also show how the condition of our changing climate is presenting challenges to the survival of many whale species.


Scott began studying marine mammals in 1974 in Monterey Bay with an extended study of the feeding ecology of sea otters.After relocating to his native New England in 1978 Scott founded New England Whale Watch, Inc. as an opportunity to offer first hand ocean life education to the public, and for him to collect data on the whales being observed.Scott was recently interviewed, for his role as a pioneer in Atlantic Coast whale watching by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as part of a history of the whale watching industry in New England.He is also cofounder of the Brier Island Ocean Study, a research station in Nova Scotia, Canada.He has led offshore and overnight excursions to the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf, in the Caribbean, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Canada. In 1982 Scott coauthored The Great Whale Book and for 14 years he taught a marine mammal class for the University of New Hampshire’s Continuing Education, as well as science classes for the Southern Maine Community College.

Tree has a Masters Degree in Science Education, and taught Biology, Life Science, and Physics in Long Island, New York for 38 years, as well as coaching three varsity level sports for as many years. Tree coordinates and organizes the data she and Scott collect. She designs their power point lectures for in-person and ZOOM lectures, as well as their research presentations at conferences.

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