The Point Arena Light Station Indoor Museum is housed in the historic Fog Signal Building. Built in 1896, the Fog Signal Building is the oldest structure on the Lighthouse property and also contains the Gift Store and Lodging Office. Restored as part of the major renovation project in 2008 to 2010, the Museum was completely redesigned so that its centerpiece, the original 1908 First Order Fresnel lens that was removed from the Tower in 2009, would be surrounded by a fascinating display of Lighthouse history and artifacts. The Museum includes a fascinating array of well researched and informative displays that inform guests of a wide variety of both Lighthouse and area facts, including:

  • The First Order Fresnel lens
  • VRB-25 Lens
  • The mercury bath and drive
  • The original Lighthouse
  • Point Arena area history, including the 1906 earthquake and its affect on both Point Arena and the Lighthouse
  • Construction of the current Lighthouse
  • Maritime history and shipwrecks of the coast
  • Foghorn history and equipment display
  • The Lighthouse Keepers and their families
  • Renovation of the Fog Signal Building and Lighthouse Tower 2008 – 2010
  • Ongoing video show about the Lighthouse
  • Historic Friendship Quilt
  • Hollywood at the Lighthouse


In addition to being a prime whale watching spot, the Whale Watch room off of the main Museum area offers guests beautiful and educational displays:

  • Replica Killer Whale and Harbor Porpoise skulls
  • Marine mammal skulls
  • Posters of North Coast marine life and Whales of the World
  • Display of shark, whale and elephant seal teeth and tusks
  • History of the lumber industry surrounding the Lighthouse during its history
  • Abalone shell display
  • Display of 150th Anniversary Logo Contest entries and winning design

Tour Guide coverSelf guided tour pamphlets are available that guests can use to explore the Museum at their own pace.   A Light Station Tour Guide is on duty in the Indoor Museum to answer questions and to ensure social distancing.  

The new Outdoor Museum encompasses the entire 23 acres of the Light Station grounds.  The newest feature, scheduled to be completed by June 21, will be the Light Station Labyrinth.  Located just inside the entry gate on the eastern edge of the Station, this stone labyrinth will offer visitors a meditative and contemplative avenue to enjoy the Station grounds and views. Envisioned and funded by PALKI Board Vice President Laura Franklin, the labyrinth was installed by noted stone masons Julien Carmellino of France and Kevin Carman of Riverside, CA.  It is an unusual five circuit pattern designed by Marilyn Larson, a founding member of the Labyrinth Society and Educational Chair of its Board. It is also the westernmost installation in the “Art Line,” a series of walkable, interactive outdoor artworks across the heart of America along a 28 mile-wide band, centered on the 39th Latitude. The outdoor museum will also introduce visitors to the Druid’s Circle, the gazebo from the film “Forever Young” which was left after the 1992 filming was completed, Native Plant Garden, Whale Trail interpretive panel, several historical plaques and markers around the property, the unique stone entry fence, various trails and memorial and view benches and more. Because this Outdoor Museum is a new addition to the Light Station we are still in the process of creating the self guided tour map.  We will add it to the website when it is completed.

The Indoor and Outdoor Museums are currently open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 3:30 pm. We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas days.  

Admission to the Indoor and Outdoor Museums is only $5 for guests 12 and over.  Children under 12 years are free. Admission is always free to Lighthouse members. Become a member by clicking here.

For group rates please contact us toll free at 877-725-4448, ext. 1 or by e-mail at