Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers, Inc. (PALKI) Annual Members Meeting will be held on Saturday, February 1, 2020 from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Fog Signal Building at the Point Arena Light Station

Current Board members (L to R) Larry Jacobs (Treasurer), Mark Gross, Don McCormick (Secretary), Geoff Beaty, Laura Franklin (Co-Vice President), Nik Epanchin ((Co-Vice President), Glenn Funk (President)  and Norm Fast invite you to attend the 2019 annual Members Meeting

All PALKI members are cordially invited to attend the annual Members Meeting on Saturday, February 1, 2020. The agenda for this meeting is as follows:

Welcome and President’s Report
Treasurer’s report
Executive Director’s report
Safety Officer’s report 
Review of 150th Anniversary activities
Resolution to modify PALKI Bylaws
Announcement of voting result
Meeting of new BoD members to select new officers (closed session)
Announcement of new BoD officers to annual meeting participants
New President’s statement   

This year we will again use an online voting system for electing the four (4) open Board seats.  If you are a PALKI member you have been sent an email that will allow you to vote electronically up to the day of the annual Members Meeting.  If we do not have your email, you have been sent a paper ballot to return to us with your selection.  If you prefer to vote in person at the Members Meeting, please print the email you receive and bring it with you to the meeting, or bring your paper ballot if you received your ballot by mail.  You will be able to cast your vote on our PALKI computer using your unique voter key.

There are currently three (3) incumbent Board members that are running for re-election to 2 year terms, and there is one (1) open seat without a candidate. The incumbent re-election statements are shown below.

Candidate Statement – Geoffrey A. Beaty
(Incumbent Seeking Re-election)

I have been a regular visitor to the Lighthouse since 1987 and a local resident since my retirement in 2010.  My first service to the PALKI Board was as the pro bono legal advisor beginning in 2013.  I was appointed to the Board to fill a vacancy in 2014 and was re-elected in 2016.  I have enjoyed my service on the board and am proud to be associated with my fellow members as well as the management and staff of the light station.  I would be honored to serve another term.

Candidate Statement – Glenn A. Funk  
(Incumbent Seeking Re-election)

I’ve been coming to the Point Arena area since the mid-seventies to relax and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the place.  When I retired as a scientist from Lawrence Livermore National Lab in 2005, my wife, Kalynn, and I took occupancy of our house in Anchor Bay and have lived here since.  Lighthouses have always fascinated me and I have long considered the Point Arena Light to be one of the most beautiful and graceful of them all.  I joined the Board of Directors in 2007 and am currently President; I’m responsible for safety at the light station and also serve as a Docent.  I take great pride in the dedication of the individual Board members and in the work we have done.  I wish to continue my work with the Board to make the Point Arena Lighthouse the premier attraction on the Mendocino Coast.

Candidate Statement – Mark Gross  
(Incumbent Seeking Re-election)

When the opportunity to join the Lighthouse Board, two years after our arrival to Anchor Bay, I felt it was an important and necessary way of giving back time, passion and energy to a place that has given me more than can be explained, except by the locals.

For twenty-eight years I traversed the country as an Advertising Manager for The Washington Post. The first half at the DC mothership before being sent to SF to set up the first remote business office. This focus allowed me to look at big picture ideas, think of creative approaches to accomplishing goals, brand ambassadorship and flexibility in engaging with all people. I have an MFA in Writing for the right brain and an MBA for the left brain. When they meet in the middle, its’ chaotic but ideas get pushed out.

In my last year at ‘the Post,”, I was presented with the Eugene Meyer Award for exemplifying the seven principles of the founder of The Washington Post, Eugene Meyer (Katharine Graham’s father). These principles speak of truth, honesty, fairness to all and responsibility to the public. They continue to guide me in priorities in decisions and ideas long after I retired. I have enjoyed bringing a new voice to the Lighthouse and new energy. With the first term behind me, I’m excited to drive forward to make the Lighthouse and our area the go-to spot of this new decade.

My home is filled with an awesome husband, billy, an artist; two hyper-energy Hungarian shepherds, woof! and ruf?; and the sunshine, filtered and not, coming in through windows from the wondrous outsides of our neighborhood. The sounds of sea lions, wind waves through the redwoods, crashing waves and ravens are our daily soundtrack. You can find me doing canicross (running with my dogs) often on Lighthouse Road and the bluffs of Stronetta., writing and cooking vegan plant-based meals. There is an energy here propelling me unlike any other.

I attribute my focus on health, stamina and energy to my ‘pack’ and Mother Nature’s generous daily does of magic at my doorstep.

Giving back is my responsibility for the privilege of calling this place home. My choice to give back this energy for the lighthouse only take it a higher level.

Thank you for considering my re-election.