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Point Arena Lighthouse on The Mendocio Coast CA

The History of Lighthouse Illumination
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In The Beginning

Saint Agnes Brazier 1680

  • Open Wood or Coal Fires
  • Braziers •Candles
  • Open Lanterns
  • Flat Plate Reflectors
  • Vipefires

Bitry's Cone

Eddystone Candelabra

English Brazier

(c)Egbert Koch 2002

Early American Illumination

    Candles 1716 - 1720

    Common Wick Channel Lamp 1720 - 1760

    Pan Lamp 1760 - 1855

    Bucket Lamp 1760 - 1850

    Argand Lamp 1810 - 1910

    Winslow Lewis Reflectors - Lamps - Lens

    1812 - 1855

Wick Channel Lamp

(c)Shore Village Museum 2002
Pan Lamp

Bucket Lamp

Argand's Lamp

Winslow Lewis Designs

  • Nine-Inch Reflector with Lamp with Lens

  • Ten to Twenty-one Inch Reflectors without Lens

  • Birdcage Lantern

Winslow Lewis Nine-Inch Reflector with Lamp and Lens

Winslow Lewis Reflector - Lamp

Winslow Lewis Chandelier

Winslow Lewis Birdcage Lantern
Selkirk, New York

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV - Part V