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Point Arena Lighthouse on The Mendocio Coast CA

Endowment Fund at The Point Arena Lighthouse

Preserving our Treasure ~ The Point Arena Lighthouse

The Point Arena Lighthouse Endowment Fund was created in order to provide for the long-term health of the Light Station. The Fund allows for an expansion of our tradition of private support, that has characterized the development of this organization since its inception. Through income generated by our Endowment Fund, the Point Arena Lighthouse Keepers will be able to maintain the historic light station and will be able to develop lasting programs dedicated to the public understanding and enjoyment of our local history.

Sustainability through Perpetuity

Cash contributions and cash equivalents, from your donated securities, real estate, and other items of value, will be used as an investment base from which to generate spendable income for lighthouse projects and programs. Examples of donations may be 1) cash, 2) marketable securities of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., 3) real estate, 4) bequests in your will. The principal balance of the Endowment Fund is restricted in order to generate income for the sole benefit of the Point Arena Light Station. Donations can be made in any amount. Events may be celebrated or remembered by the contribution you make, e.g., birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of a child, the passing of a loved one. Pledges, to be paid periodically, may be made in any amount and for the reason of your choice.

Donations may be made as follows:

1. Cash contributions may be made through our secure server.

2. Other kinds of donations, including cash, may be made by contacting our Executive Director at:

Point Arena Lighthouse Endowment Fund
PO Box 11
Point Arena, California 95468-0026

1-707-892-2111 Facsimile

Please address all checks to Point Arena Lighthouse Endowment Fund.

Thank you. Your contribution will secure the ongoing preservation of this historic facility for generations to come. It is our mission to keep the Light Station open to the public and to maintain it as a place of historic significance. KEEP THE LIGHT SHINING!

Donations to the Point Arena Lighthouse Endowment Fund qualify as charitable contributions under Section 170(c) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.